The story of PONER

Nikol and Jakub are siblings who have fallen in love with fashion and have decided to build a fashion brand. They excellently complement each other. While Jakub is irreplaceable for his creativity and a good sense for detail, Nikol takes care of communicating with their clients and selling itself. They work as a team that can exploit the full potential of each other. Thanks to this, they have gained public attention and respect in such a short time, since the brand was founded in 2014. At present, their clothes (dresses) appear at almost every major social event, including the national events.


It all began in 2014. At that time, the 23-year-old fresh graduate Nikol, with her Bachelor`s degree in Economics and Management, is thinking what to do next. She worked as a bartender or a warehouse keeper in a company, which trades with car spare parts. It was nothing for her. She decides to move to Prague to live with her brother Jakub.


Jakub works as a designer for companies such as Natuzzi or Deichmann. He makes some extra money as a stylist and he also lengthens eyelashes. He has an experience with designing clothes, first for his sister and her friends. The first famous customer was Gabriela Partysova in 2007. His work is varied and interesting, but the great world of fashion has not known this promising designer yet.


Nikol lived with Jakub in his small flat in Prague. And she also began accompanying him to the meetings with his customers. She discovered the profession of a make-up artist and she then arranged a make-up course for herself. That is how she started socializing more. One night, when she saw the cheaply dressed dancers, she got the idea of designing lingerie for them.  After a few days, she won Jakub all over to her side.


The first designs were created overnight. With the final product they walked into nightclubs, nearly six times a week, to sell lingerie to the dancers. Even though the underwear was selling well, the profit barely covered costs and other investment. While Jakub was coming up with new ideas, Nikol started promoting on social media platforms.


Later, Nikol managed to sort out subsidies for sewing machines and it was about time to rent an atelier. Finally they began fulfilling their dreams – designing luxurious dresses. The brand Poner now includes dresses, tops, suits, swimwear and embroidered underwear (nowadays for special occasions only), accessories, headbands on iconic Poner shoes called PONERKY.


The main feature of their work is hand embroidery. Every piece is specific thanks to its decoration – Czech crystals, beads, stones and lace. Emphasis is placed on the selection of the finest fabrics and laces.


Marketing on social media and personal contacts brought cooperation with Czech celebrities. After the first successes with Katerina Kristelova, Andrea Veresova or Adela Banasova, the greatest visibility was about to come. At the Karlovy Vary Film Fetsival in 2016 they designed a dress for Veronika Koprivova (Jaromir Jagr’s girlfriend). And in the same year, they also prepared a dress for the daughter of Karel Gott, who received the prize for him at Cesky Slavik (musical award). Since then their work has been very popular. Among their customers we can find celebrities, but also the First Lady and her daughter, successful businesswomen and top managers.  They design for women who love luxury and unique goods.


The history of PONER is surprisingly short, but extremely dynamic. The commitment is obviously paying off.


Poner siblings. Nikol and Jakub. Czech fashion designers. “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” Audrey Hepburn

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